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Hunters 19 years or older must previously have held a big game hunting license or possess a hunter safety certificate or equivalent.

Hunters under 19 must have a hunter safety or equivalent. We are a licensed vendor- license fee paid in Canadian Funds. We will secure a license for you


  • Recommend minimum ca. - .270

  • Bow hunters may not use a long bow or recurve bow requiring less than 40 lb. Draw weight at 28" draw or an compound bow set at less than 40 lbs peeks draw weight or an arrow using a board head less than 7/8" width

  • Hand guns and fully automatic weapons are prohibited

  • Hunting on Sunday is allowed

U.S. hunters require a form Ju5 909, to list each firearm entering Canada. Annual fee $50(Can)

Phone: Canada- 1 800 731 4000

           USA - 1 506 624 5380

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